Communication from INS via E-mail only

CIR./117                                                                                             October 03, 2019



To: All Member Publications and INS Accredited Agencies


Sub.: Communication from INS via E-mail only  


Dear All, 


We are glad to inform you that it has been decided to adopt email as a paperless form of communication with a view to reducing the environmental footprint. Accordingly, the prevailing system of circulation of hard copy of Instructions/ Notices / Circulars/ Orders and Correspondence being made with Member Publications and accredited Advertising Agencies will be dispensed with.


Henceforth, all correspondence will be sent by email and the circulars would be uploaded in the INS website i.e. for 15 days and thereafter transferred to the designated location/archive on the website. The circulars can be accessed through the respective login credentials already available for MRV Portal.





Mary Paul

Secretary General